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“Shield of Ethics” הדפס דואל
Shield of Ethics” award for school websites

Initiative of the Distance Learning Personnel in Central Israel magenetics.jpg


School principals and teachers dedicated to
promoting educational values work on a daily basis to maintain a custom ofpractice what you preach” in their educational efforts. In today’s world, where the impact of the internet on education is enormous and our teachers use the web to aid and inspire their educational agenda – it is important that educators not only incorporate technology ethics issues in their curriculum but ensure that they too comply with these ethics especially in the schools web site which serves as an educational and marketing tool and contributes to this rich vein of online information.

The Computer Implementation Learning Personnel in Central Israel under the leadership of the District Supervisor and district Instructors of Information & Communication Technology (ICT) in learning & Web ethics, initiated a unique  project in 2007 in which schools were granted a “shield of ethics” award for their school’s web site.

The object of this project was to aid and encourage schools to comply with the regulations of the Education Ministry and to preserve web ethic policies in all that concerns their schools web-site.

The Educational System recognized the potential of interactive learning on the web and many schools now have websites which are educational, dynamic and interactive. The school’s website provides up to date information about the school's activities and encourages communication amongst students, teachers and parents.

Creating a school website which represents the school, reflects its goals, ethos and direction while care is taken to preserve web-ethics is demanding work for the site developer.

In order to take part in the initiative, the school web-site must contain the following:

1.        Information about the school and its educational ethos and activities.

2.        Discussion forums around educational or social topics which are guided and directed by the school’s educational staff.

3.        Educational content (web-based activities created by staff members, links to activities on the web, links to information etc.)

The schools websites are evaluated on three levels to ascertain if the site meets with the necessary requirements qualifying it to receive the “shield of ethics” award:

1.        Guarding of privacy

2.        Web communication 

3.        Adherence to laws of copyright

The Elementary schools in Petach Tikva were chosen to take part in the program’s first trial (pilot) in 2006. The idea of the initiative was displayed to all the school principals and computer resource teachers. The criteria by which the school site would be assessed and evaluated was explained and the schools were invited to assess their sites and upgrade them to the level required by the Educational Authorities.
Over the course of the year the schools’ websites were evaluated in accordance with the standards and the schools were then informed of the results.

At the annual distance learning conference, schools found to be in compliance with the ethical code required of school websites were awarded the “Shield of Ethics” which was positioned on the schools homepage for the duration of one year. In 2006, 10 schools earned “Shield of Ethics” award.

As of 2007/8, the project was extended to additional schools in the district with the aim of assisting more schools enhance their teaching methods, communicate effectively and display their activities and achievements while maintaining a common ethical standard in their school websites.